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Wednesday July 30th 2014

Ham Radio

Ok so what is the big deal with Ham Radio? I’ve been studying the study material for the FCC test and I have to say that I’m so frustrated by it. Why do we need to have a special license in order to use a Ham Radio? The test is over 300+ questions long and what I’m studying might not even be on the test I’m going to be taking this coming June. Any one interested in helping me out? Let me know.


996112_10203090300648126_73293827_n (Photo courtesy of Alexis Felicilda)

Please help my former classmate Alexis Felicilda RECOVER her Mother.


“This is my mother Moreira Monsalve last officially seen dropping me off at the Kahului Airport Sunday January 12th at 3:45 pm ALL CARS ARE ACCOUNTED FOR! Apparently she went to her ex boyfriends house after in Iao Parkside he dropped her car off at a car shop Monday morning he is trying to leave to San Jose police don’t have enough to detain him! People just don’t go missing like this!! Alot of people love, know, and Care about her! I just want her home and I want to know what happened!”

She is described as 46 y/o, 5’7″ tall, 170 lbs. with brown hair and brown eyes. The Maui County Police Department has Monsalve’s vehicle and have detectives working around the clock on this case.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of Moreira “Mo” Monsalve or know anything about this case are to call the Maui County Police Department’s 911 Emergency line.

1484255_10203087195730505_1015675845_n (Photo courtesy of Alexis Felicilda.)

Sources: Alexis Felicilda’s facebook and Instagram.

You’ve Ruined GOD for Me with your HATE


As you well know, Hawaii’s State Legislature is in the process of legalizing Same Sex Marriage. The bill that it’s named in this Special Session is Senate Bill 1. I couldn’t help but listen to ALL of the testimony that Pro and Anti-SB1 supporters were saying. I tip my hat to all of the people who braved the lines and long wait times to make it to Capitol Hill on O’ahu. I am OUTRIGHT angered and infuriated by everyone who are deeply OPPOSED to SB1 by dropping the Religious scriptures and thus entering it into the political field in their testimonies. They even brought God up on those scriptures. Let me tell you something, you DO NOT go off preaching HATE to the people out there. Shame on you! Shame on you! Question, DEFINE Marriage to me. You tell me and the other Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender people out there where you get off telling people that, “GOD HATES GAYS, LESBIANS, BI SEXUAL, AND TRANSGENDER PEOPLE!” Also where do you get off saying that, “God ONLY LOVES traditional man/woman marrigage and HATES Same Sex people who thinks they deserve to get married.” Tell me where it says that in the Holy Scriptures and my next question to you is DID YOU WITNESS GOD WRITING THAT IN THE HOLY SCRIPTURES? Did you? I think NOT. We weren’t EVEN ALIVE back when that stuff was “Allegedly” written. All Religion does is BRAIN WASH people into following their cause. That brain washing leads to HATING people who fit into the LGBT community and other organizations! Thanks to YOU, I’m NO LONGER ONE OF GOD’S CHILDREN, I’m MY OWN person now. I’m still human, but all FAITH I have in GOD has gone down the drain. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS GOD. I’ve gone ahead and threw away the Torah, the Bible, my Jewish yamakas, and everything that has to do with religion from my life. YOU HATEFUL people have ruined God for me and now have put me in the Second Class person segement. This feels like segregation all over again! The MINORITY WILL STAND UNITED ANS STRONG! WE WILL PREVAIL OVER YOU HATEFUL PEOPLE! End Rant

Petition to get a Tegan and Sara Hawaii Tour

Aloha Hawaii Tegan and Sara fans,

I’ve been seeing that Malaysia and other countries reached out to get a Tegan and Sara concert in their country. I’m asking anyone with ties to promotions companies to really start pressuring them to bring them out here to Hawaii to get a concert or two in on O’ahu and Maui. Please be loud and request their music on radio stations and request a show here in their social media platforms! We need to be LOUD and push for a concert tour for us Hawaii Fans! We can do it!

Over It Already

I usually don’t blog about this kind of stuff, but I feel as if I can’t hold it in any longer. As you probably know, I’ve been single for quite sometime now. It’s been ok for me thus far, but as of late I’ve been seeing a LOT of my former high school friends getting married and having kids. Even my own sister has it better than I do. It’s kind of depressing knowing that I’m the TRUE UGLY sheep that no one has approached yet. I know people in the past have said that I’m hansom and all, but I don’t TRULY think so now. No one just seems to want to ask me to do stuff or anything like that. I’ve asked some people just to hang out and all, but get shot down each time…. I don’t know anymore. Maybe I need to move on out of the state and try and start over.

US Football (Futbol) Observations

As I’ve been watching the football (futbol) scene unfold in our country for the past 7 years now, I’ve been kind of scratching my head with this thought. Why is the MLS league and players making bank while two women’s leagues have come crashing down hard? As a guy that loves the sport itself, the women have shown immense passion, commitment, technicality, tactically, and over all aspect of the sport. They put in just as many if not more hours of training and conditioning just like the men do. It hurts me that the US Men have a steady league while the women’s side have been struggling to keep a league of their own on. I know there is the W League out there, but it’s not the same as the MLS side. I just don’t get it. People sell out men’s games almost all of the time and have over 25,000 fans in the stands, but for the women’s games it seems like only 18,000 fans or less make it to the games. I just don’t get it. This kind of gender discrimination HAS to stop. I feel as if the women aren’t getting the FAIR treatment they deserve and have a stable league on US soil to play in.

Disappointed in our US Government…..

I don’t really post things like this, but as of late I can’t stop thinking about how “Gung Ho” President Obama, Vice-President Biden, and our Congress have been lately. President Obama stated that our armed forces would be OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST in early 2014. That isn’t happening anytime soon cause of him extending our ILLEGAL INVASION FORCES in Iraq and Afghanistan thus CARRYING ON the George W. Bush/Dick Cheney operations in both of those countries. Now with the threat of an “IMMINENT OPEN FIRE ORDER” on Syria on the horizon, I fear as if our armed forces aren’t gonna be capable of protecting it’s citizens meaning US the American People on our home soil. From stuff I’ve read, our military is spread SO THIN here in America. Even with the Reserves being called up, it’s still not helping us much. He should be THINKING ABOUT PROTECTING AMERICAN INTERESTS HERE AT HOME AND TIGHTENING UP FORCES HERE, NOT OUT SOURCING OUR TROOPS OVER SEAS! Pull a majority of our forces out of Japan and South Korea and ALL of our forces out of the Middle East NOW President Obama! Plus we are so far deep in debt and still owe our European and Asian allies money that we BORROWED TO FUND THESE ILLEGAL OPERATIONS OVER SEAS! I’m shocked that our US Congress hasn’t even done ANYTHING to override President Obama. I’m even MORE shocked that VP. Biden and our Congress hasn’t been able to get through our president’s thick skull to bring our troops home. I don’t think President Barack Obama’s goal is to stop waging war. OUR GOVERNMENT ELECTED OFFICIALS NEEDS to OPEN THEIR EYES AND EARS AND START LISTENING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. WE ELECTED THEM INTO OFFICE AND WE SURE AS HELL CAN REMOVE HIM BY WAYS OF A MASSIVE RE-CALL ELECTION. Why have these people in office if they are NOT going to listen to us? I’m at a LOSS for words right now. There is SO MUCH Anti-Government trust right now and I’m one of the vast majority of them right now. DO THE RIGHT THING CONGRESS AND GET OUR PEOPLE OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST. So what if North Korea/China/Russia strikes South Korea and Japan. So what if when we do open fire on Syria, Iran annihilates Israel. WE LOOK LIKE THE AGGRESSORS, NOT THE SYRIAN PEOPLE, NOT THE NORTH KOREANS, NOT RUSSIA, NOT CHINA, NOT IRAQ, NOT IRAN, AND NOT AFGHANISTAN! STOP WAGING WAR ON PEOPLE WE CAN’T FULLY FUND OR SUPPORT! As a US Citizen, I feel TOTALLY BETRAYED by the US Government. -End Rant

Macklemore Featuring Tegan and Sara – Same Love

Ya know, I’m rather shocked and surprised on what occurred earlier today. THREE of my favourite music artists performed on the same stage at the same time! Award winning American indie hip-hop/rap artist Macklemore and the Canadian indie rock duo Tegan and Sara performed “Same Love” LIVE together at the Osheaga Music Festival in Montreal Quebec in Canada earlier today! Talk about major music feels and praise from both fan bases earlier today! One of my great twitter pals Jaime Wojdowski (Wojo4Hitz) was at the event and filmed it once the trio hit the stage! Here is the link to watch!

Personal Blog

Aloha blog readers:

Sorry I’ve been MIA a lot and not been updating my blog as much. Working for the public is my number one priority and appointed as a public union steward has booked me up even more. I’m working on a lot of other side projects and starting the initial plans to create a large music festival here on Maui. As you’ve read in my previous blog posts in regards to South by Southwest, Coachella, and many more music festivals people host on the mainland has inspired me to attempt my very own project. I’m so sick and tired of seeing the same reggae artists come out and have the same set list as their previous concerts. I want to expose people here to other great bands and artists. I would love to see a wide variety of bands come to the island. A majority of the bands have stated that they “Only come to Hawaii for vacation purposes” and don’t really want to perform here. I’m trying to break that and make Maui a perfect place as a venue for music festivals. So far I’ve come up with less then favorable results due to the fact that we don’t have venues the size that could easily fit a music festival. I’ve also been battling personal issues surrounding my present life that is affecting me in a negative way. So far I’ve missed a hell of a lot of Maui Social gatherings that is tearing me apart bit by bit and been missing my favourite event of all time, Kihei 4th Friday where I can be social and actually meet others. I’ll be back in the social field and soon. New blogs will be pumped out with maybe 2 postings a week and may increase that to 3 posts a week. In the mean time, I hope everyone in the social world has been doing very well and hope to be able to meet up with you in the very near future. See you soon!


Rock Music Festivals on Maui

Ever since I’ve gotten back into the music industry on Maui, there is something more that is desired. We of course have full blown concerts at places like the War Memorial Stadium, Maui Tropical Plantation, Mulligans on the Blue, and the Maui Arts Yokouchi Pavilion, but I’ve been monitoring the mainland’s music festivals. South by Southwest, Coachella, Lollapalooza, and many others, I can’t stop thinking about the possibility of having a major music festival for Indie and main stream musicians and bands. I feel as if promoters have been failing a certain minority of TRUE music fanatics. For one thing there are LITTLE to NO rock concerts here. We get them once in a blue moon. All we have going are the usual Reggae and Urban concerts. I feel as if promoters have really dropped the bomb shell and are cutting us minorities from the picture. I would love to have major indie rock and main stream rock bands come out and perform.

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(Photo courtesy of Alexis Felicilda) Please help my former classmate Alexis Felicilda RECOVER her Mother. Statement: [Read More]

You’ve Ruined GOD for Me with your HATE

As you well know, Hawaii’s State Legislature is in the process of legalizing Same Sex Marriage. The bill that [Read More]

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Over It Already

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